S5 Logic – Data backup and disaster recovery in Atlanta

S5 Logic – Data backup and disaster recovery in Atlanta

What are you doing to secure your IT infrastructure? We all understand the importance of security to protect networks and systems, but what is your policy surrounding data backups and disaster recovery?

If you experience a data loss, what will that do to your business?

S5 Logic offer you the best backup and recovery Atlanta has to offer. Our security and continuity specialists have the necessary solutions to navigate a disaster without impacting your business.

With us, you get a team dedicated to preventing security breaches and restoring your services should you experience a disaster.

Disaster recovery and business continuity

Does your business or organization have a protocol for handling a server crash?

Do you know how long it takes to restore your services after experiencing a disaster?

Have you calculated the costs of downtime related to IT infrastructure disasters?

Will your business survive a catastrophic data loss?

Disaster recovery and business continuity

Your business or organization is at risk if you don't know the answers to these questions. S5 Logic offers data backup and disaster recovery in Atlanta, with effective protocols tailored to your business needs and infrastructure requirements.

We work with you to create a backup and continuity plan, providing your systems with fast recovery from a disaster. Stay in contact with your clients and your team while we restore your systems.

Business Continuity Planning describes best practices and procedures surrounding essential business functions critical to your company operations. When disaster strikes, these policies restore your infrastructure and processes in the fastest time possible.

The result is minimal downtime and mitigation of damage to your business. Our team offers you the solution you need for business continuance in any disaster scenario.

Relying on tape backups? – They have a 100% failure rate

Tape backups are a common data protection solutions Atlanta businesses use to safeguard their infrastructure, systems, and data. The problem is that all tape systems eventually fail, leaving you stranded with no chance of restoring your network.

The issue is that most companies don't realize this problem exists until a disaster event occurs. By then, it's too late. Thousands of businesses across the United States lose data to human error, equipment failure, theft, power outages, and fires, costing them millions in damages.

Relying on tape backups

For some organizations, a disaster event is enough to sink the business into insolvency, resulting in bankruptcy. In reality, many of these companies had a tape system in place, assuming it would protect them in the case of disaster.

Unfortunately, they only realize their mistake when it's too late. If you try to recover data from a tape drive, you'll soon discover how challenging it is. Or worse, you'll realize the system wasn't backing up data as expected, resulting in total loss.

Don't be a victim. Take a proactive stance to your data backup and business continuance strategy. Contact the team at S5 Logic, and we'll design a custom backup and disaster recovery plan for your business.

What are the benefits of our backup and disaster recovery services?

When you hire S5 Logic to design your business continuance strategy, you benefit from the following.

A complete assessment of your business continuity requirements.
Professional design and implementation of your backup and recovery strategy.
Regular scheduling for backups of all critical data.
Monitored backups with guaranteed execution.
A stress-tested recovery strategy design to deliver results.
On-site or remote business continuance resolution.
benefits of our backup and disaster recovery services

How can S5 Logic protect your business?

Quick and easy backups

Our team creates a regular backup schedule for your data, with intervals designed to optimize your data recovery plan when disaster strikes. Our customized virtualization solutions simplify access to backed-up data, regardless of the disaster event occurring with your IT infrastructure.

Low cost, fast disaster recovery

Eliminate the costs of managing tape backups and outdated legacy systems that slow down your business continuance strategy. We arrange cloud backups to maintain key data for your business at a reasonable cost.

Automatic cloud backups

We offer your organization automatic and continuous data replication in the cloud, providing seamless restoration when your systems experience a disaster. We mitigate the risk of a cyber-attack or unexpected power outage compromising your data and work.

Backup management

Our dedicated team operates 24/7, handling all management of your business continuity strategy and backup solutions. You can rely on our team to get you back up and running in the fastest time possible after a disaster event.

Proactive Infrastructure monitoring

Our team monitors your infrastructure in real time, preventing any problem from spiraling out of control into a catastrophe. We stress-test systems and monitor your infrastructure with an eagle eye.

Data recovery support

Our team is there for you when things turn sour. We'll guide you through your business continuance protocols to ensure a successful and quick recovery. Our experts provide effective guidance in a simplified step-by-step format for your team to execute.

Strategies for any IT issue

Our team has the expertise to design your business continuance protocol to your needs. We stress-test the system regularly to ensure its robust security and the efficacy of your disaster recovery strategy. We'll encrypt all data to ensure it's inaccessible to bad actors.

What data backup services do we offer your organization?

At S5 Logic, we don't believe in 'cookie-cutter' continuance strategies. We design the best custom backup strategy Atlanta has to offer for our clients, tailored to their business needs.

There is no one-size-fits-all backup methodology. Every business is unique and has individual requirements for backing up data.

We integrate local and cloud backup tactics to cover online and offline data storage, spreading the risk to reduce the chances of a single point of failure. Our backup strategy consists of the following tactics.

data backup services
Local data backups

Local data backups

All our strategies start with a local backup facility on-site at your premises. Local storage provides the best value for your business. Our experts assist with device management and technology selection, ensuring the effective allocation of all company resources and efficient data storage.

Cloud data backups

We mitigate the risk of hosting all your data locally. Backing up to the cloud reduces the chance of your company or organization experiencing a catastrophic failure and total data loss. We create cloud backups in real time, producing copies of your data daily, weekly, or hourly.

Cloud systems are ideal for protecting your data against malware and ransomware cyberattacks and support two-factor authentication for additional security.

Cloud data backups
Hybrid data backups

Hybrid data backups

The best option for all organizations is a hybrid backup strategy. With this approach, we utilize online and offline storage tactics on-site and in the cloud. This robust approach to backing up your systems and data offers a tri-phase approach to storing original, local, and cloud data. You get better protection against cyber threats and mitigation of corrupt backups to a faulty local or cloud drive.

Disaster recovery

If you experience an outage or organization-wide disruption, it's vital for your company to immediately recover your data and continue operations. Our data recovery specialists offer your organization business continuity and disaster recovery, keeping your company up and running, despite the problems occurring in the background.

Disaster recovery
Strategies for any IT issue

Strategies for any IT issue

Our team has the expertise to design your business continuance protocol to your needs. We stress-test the system regularly to ensure its robust security and the efficacy of your disaster recovery strategy. We'll encrypt all data to ensure it's inaccessible to bad actors.

Why Hire S5 Logic for Your Backup and Disaster Recovery Partner?

S5 Logic offers your organization the best backup and recovery Atlanta has to offer. We work with small businesses, mid-to-large companies, non-profits, corporates, and more.

While we specialize in IT solutions for local Atlanta businesses, we can arrange off-site data protection and disaster management for any organization across the United States.

You can expect the following from your service level agreement with us.

IT Security - Policy/ Procedure Development.
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Our team has the expertise to design your business continuance protocol to your needs. We stress-test the system regularly to ensure its robust security and the efficacy of your disaster recovery strategy. We'll encrypt all data to ensure it's inaccessible to bad actors.

Minimal infrastructure maintenance

We understand that each business has a different budget for its disaster recovery and business continuance strategy. What works for a large corporate is overkill for a small business. We analyze your needs, providing you with a plan within your budget and tailored to your unique requirements.

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What are the features of our business continuity solutions?

On-site strategies

Our on-site strategies include designing and installing business continuance and disaster recovery systems at your premises, providing superior performance and unmatched efficacy.

Off-site server virtualization

We'll create a virtualized recovery solution for your organization, hosting it locally or remotely. Our team works fast, and we can secure your systems and data in a few days after nominating us as your disaster recovery partner.

Hybrid server virtualization

Our business continuity strategies connect you with off-site and local virtualization with a single click. You get instant access and fast recovery from any disaster scenario.

Local and off-site file restoration

We'll state-of-the-art local and off-site backup solutions with on-site servers or off-site data centers, ensuring a tri-pronged approach to effective data storage.

VHD and VMDK exports

Our virtual machine disks and hard drives store virtual disks, with the export function allowing users to recover their image data as VMDK or VHD-linked virtual hard disks.

Bare metal restoration

If you experience a catastrophic device failure, our team reformats your devices by reinstalling the OS and all software apps, data, and settings in a disaster scenario.

Message level exchange recovery

Our team protects your data on all levels. We'll assist with the recovery of your individual messages from exchange databases.

End-to-end encryption

With our strategy, we enable authorized users to read messages. This approach removes the chance of distorting the data or tampering with messages or data. We'll block unauthorized users and third parties from accessing and entering your network.

Backup insights

Our disaster recovery and business continuity solutions offer a complete strategy for rapidly identifying and displaying strategy and data modifications deleted or created between consecutive backups. You get access through remote web interfaces, tracking changes between recovery points.

24/7 Tech support

With S5 Logic, you get 24/7 access to our team of IT experts. Our technical support team is the best in the game. We have the strategy and the support you need to survive any disaster scenario with your business data and systems management.

We work around the clock. You can rely on us in case of a catastrophic failure or a minor security breach. Our team is always available to you. Even if there's no disaster, we monitor your systems and networks in real time, ensuring the best preventative strategy to secure your infrastructure and data.

IT Security - Policy/ Procedure Development.

Reach out to our team and receive a free security assessment

If you want the best backup and recovery Atlanta has to offer, hire S5 Logic as your IT partner. Our team protects your infrastructure in the ever-changing and demanding digital environment. You can rely on us to protect you from faulty systems, corrupted software, and all data risks relating to your on-site and off-site data storage strategy.

Whether you settle on a local, cloud, or hybrid strategy, your organization benefits from on-demand data recovery whenever you need it. Our disaster recovery and data backup experts are ready to discuss your customized solution.

Reach out to our team, and we'll walk you through the best options for your disaster recovery and data backup requirements. Don't take a risk with your data. It could sink your business. Reach out to us for a free consultation. You can rely on us to protect your organization.

Protect your IT infrastructure with our managed services

Choose S5 Logic for your partner in data backup and disaster recovery in Atlanta. However, disaster recovery and business continuance are only part of a comprehensive IT solution for your infrastructure and data.

Reach out to our team, and we'll discuss how your organization can benefit from our managed IT services. Our strategies encompass a holistic approach to all your technology requirements. Give yourself peace of mind with our services. We'll reduce your IT costs, increase productivity, and mitigate security risks.

Call the team at S5 Logic. We'll do whatever it takes to secure and optimize your IT infrastructure and data storage.

IT Security - Policy/ Procedure Development.

Cloud solutions

The 'new normal' calls for new solutions. Our 'remote desktops' allows your staff to work remotely, while you maintain control over your business.

Consultancy and project planning
Migration from servers to cloud & vice-versa
Work from any device, anywhere in the world