IT security training in Atlanta: move beyond awareness and into action

Make sure your employees think before they click! S5 Logic's network security training in Atlanta helps you create an informed and highly skilled workforce that knows how to protect your company's data. 

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Build a culture of security in your company

When logging in to your company network, whether with personal or business-owned devices, your team should be aware of the potential online risks. In fact, empowering employees to spot usual threats is highly beneficial for your company’s safety. Employees who get security awareness training learn about vulnerabilities in company operations.

S5 Logic's cybersecurity training in Atlanta encourages proactive employee reskilling while providing managers with the information they need to allocate resources efficiently. We offer you hire training and refresher training programs that will ignite a data security culture within your company.

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Why you should upgrade your security

Cybercriminals are actively looking for a way to access your corporate data. Social engineers are going through your employees' social media profiles to get a whiff of your plans. Hackers sniff out every unprotected cloud traffic and IP address. Ransomware criminals encrypt data crucial for your projects and demand payment. 

Furthermore, Atlanta is no stranger to cyberattacks. In fact, the city has dealt with several serious cyber threats in the past couple of years. One of the largest ransomware attacks that happened in 2018 showed just how vulnerable Atlanta's cybersecurity systems are.

In other words, there's no lack of threats. At the same time, small companies often don’t have the resources to hire an IT team dedicated to cybersecurity. Consequently, organizations incur high financial costs and legal liabilities as a result of cybercrime and corporate data breaches.

You can avoid all that, but it’s not enough just to be aware of the threats. You must take concrete action on time. 

Security awareness must start at the top

Many small company owners don't have the necessary skills to handle such a wide range of cyber threats. That's why they should do everything in their power to train their teams on asset protection, whether it be digital, physical, or intellectual.

S5 Logic's IT security training in Atlanta can help you integrate security awareness into every aspect of your day-to-day operations. We leverage our vast knowledge, ten years of combined experience, and the latest technology to build a perfect cyber-defense strategy for your company.

Disaster recovery and business continuity

Bulletproof your protection system

Hackers don't just adjust to change; they make a profit from it. Unfortunately, it's not as easy for small companies to do the same. The fast expansion of remote working, cloud jacking, ransomware, supply chain attacks, IoT hacking, insider theft, disinformation campaigns, and social engineering has modified the way you should protect your profits, reputation, and data.

Although many business owners think that people are their weakest link when it comes to cybersecurity, you can turn your employees into your best line of defense. Take advantage of our IT security training in Atlanta today and watch your risk footprint decrease.

Relying on tape backups

Our solution: cyber security training in Atlanta

Cybersecurity doesn't come from investing in the latest tools. The best strategy is a combination of a trained workforce and proven technology. That's why S5 Logic's team delivers IT security training in Atlanta tailored to your company's needs.

We begin by determining the vulnerabilities in your system. Our experts monitor your infrastructure, offering in-depth analysis and relevant notifications in response to a worldwide database of known and potential security risks.

Starting from the source

We track all your data, no matter where it comes from — whether your staff's endpoints are remote or in the office. Moreover, we continuously monitor your security logs, firewall, network, and other systems to spot known risks quickly while identifying new ones using our analytics tools. Any suspicious activity gets intercepted and investigated. Then, we proceed to train your employees on how to recognize these threats and act proactively.
Take a look at some of the topics we cover during our IT security training in Atlanta.

Phishing security

Phishing attacks are directly responsible for 36% of all security breaches. Such cyberattacks are common, devastating, and quickly becoming more sophisticated. Luckily, S5 Logic can educate your staff to handle pressing IT security issues like spear phishing, ransomware, and social engineering. We will teach them what to do when they receive a suspicious email and how to forward potentially dangerous emails to our security team. Our experts will then analyze and delete harmful emails from company inboxes to prevent future exposure.

Responsibility for company data

Our experts stress the importance of data security and each worker's duty to safeguard corporate data. We also highlight the fact that employees have a responsibility under the law to uphold the confidentiality, integrity, and privacy of information.

Important procedures

S5 Logic makes sure your team is aware of incident reporting procedures in case one of their computers gets infected by a virus or depicts unusual changes (for instance, desktop configuration changes, lagging, unexplained errors, etc.). With our help, your employees will know how to spot a real warning or alert and deal with it accordingly.

Choosing passwords

We teach your staff how to select secure passwords; they should be complex enough not to be readily guessed but also simple enough to remember without writing them down. Furthermore, your company's systems should be configured to automatically remind employees to update their passwords on a regular basis.

Internet usage

Our professionals train your employees to avoid emails or links from suspicious or unknown sources. Such connections have the potential to steal corporate data, infect systems, and unleash harmful software. Additionally, we talk about guidelines for safe surfing.

Email exposure

Your staff is often a target of advanced cyberattacks. In many cases, that is because your company's email addresses are exposed on the internet, where cybercriminals can easily find them. They can then use the information to attack your business with social engineering, spear phishing, and malware. For this reason, during our IT security training in Atlanta, we instruct your employees on how to check whether their email address is exposed.

Domain spoof

Do you know that one of the primary hacking tactics is to try to spoof a CEO's email address? If they can conduct "CEO Fraud," breaking into your network will take next to no effort. At the same time, many companies don't have their email servers set up properly. For that reason, we discuss this topic with your team members and help them recognize whether hackers may spoof your domain.

Ransomware attacks

To avoid detection, malicious hackers continuously release updated strains of ransomware. In case some of your team members fall victim to social engineering attacks, can your network successfully stop ransomware?
Our experts can quickly assess your staff's ability to block such attacks. We can also go through different ransomware scenarios with your employees and show them the right way to act in critical situations.

Keeping computer resources safe

Our professionals instruct your staff on how to lock or store their laptops in a secure location to prevent theft. We also go over why regular backups of critical data should be performed and why they should keep backup copies in a safe place. Moreover, your employees will learn that it is their responsibility to allow regular virus protection software updates on company computers.
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USB security

Did you know that at least 48% of people will plug in a random USB they come across? That makes them a perfect target for hackers. But if you decide to work with us, we will teach your staff how to properly deal with USBs and similar devices that do not belong to them.

Unlicensed software

We explain to your team that they should never install unauthorized software on company computers. That is because such software may contain harmful viruses that can cause permanent damage to your firm’s data.

Social media policy

S5 Logic educates your staff about social media and ensures they know your company's policy and guidelines on using a work email address for social media registration, posting, and receiving content.

Mobile devices

We notify your staff of your mobile device policies for both company-owned and privately owned devices used for work purposes.

Customize the training journey

Do you have a decent IT team that just needs a bit of knowledge update? Or perhaps your employees fail to deal with one specific security alert. S5 Logic can help identify skill gaps and provide tailored learning. 

benefits of our backup and disaster recovery services

Benefits of training your workforce

Utilize our unique approach to risk mitigation to stop unnecessary security threats before they happen. We also offer you comprehensive and affordable management technologies essential to your business. If you decide to partner with us today, numerous benefits will follow, including:

Strengthening the security culture inside your company;
Discovering which team members are most prone to phishing attacks;
Employees fully equipped to deal with suspicious emails;
Employees being able to notice and prevent risky situations;
Fulfilling compliance requirements and audits;

Learn how to safeguard your company

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