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What is vulnerability management?

The process of identifying, categorizing, prioritizing, resolving, reporting, and responding to network security and software weaknesses is known as vulnerability management. Identified liabilities can be addressed in a number of methods, such as software patching, security policy updates, or program reconfiguration.

However, a safety vulnerability is always an error, weak spot, or flaw in your security system. In other words, an intruder could use it to breach your network's protection. And with cybercrime expected to increase by 15% each year, you should do everything in your power to secure your cybersecurity infrastructure.

Luckily, thorough testing of network security is our specialty. At S5 Logic, we can help you identify and fix areas in your network that are vulnerable to assault. In addition, our experts can make sure your data stays safe and accessible around the clock.

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Which security flaws are most common

Your IT ecosystem develops new weak spots every day! What's more, not all weaknesses are the same; while some can cause mild hiccups in your workflow, others can lead to sensitive data leaks or lengthy downtime. Take a look at some of the examples of the most common liabilities businesses can have.

  • Outdated or unpatched software;
  • Insider threats;
  • Inadequate or nonexistent data encryption;
  • Insufficient or lacking authorization credentials;
  • Inconsistent handling of resources;
  • Unreliable systems.

You can find these security flaws across your infrastructure and operations, including the technologies (like wireless, network, application, and host tools and processes) and scanning procedures you use (application, host, wireless, and network scanning). Additionally, your governance program (risk management, information sharing, vulnerability and threat detection, documentation, and ownership) and the procedure for organizational repair (the program metrics and tracking) could also have hidden liabilities.

Simply put, your company could be at risk at this very moment. But don't worry. At S5 Logic, we are fully equipped to deal with any kind of threat and uncover and fix every weakness in your IT infrastructure.

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Why you need professional vulnerability management

The reality is that there are a lot of challenges with vulnerability management that prevent in-house IT teams from fully repairing and fortifying their networks. Some of them include the following:

Limited staff

In order to accommodate employees working from home and enable flexible remote access, IT teams are working in overdrive. At the same time, due to the current economic situation in Atlanta, many small and mid-sized companies are not able to hire more staff to manage expanding networks.

Shadow IT and changing environments

Companies often have vulnerabilities in places they never even thought to check. In many cases, assets that go unnoticed won't be scanned for weaknesses or fixed.

Knowledge gaps in specific fields

The majority of IT teams are unable to assign one person to one particular tool or technology. However, it takes specialist knowledge to resolve vulnerabilities in your networks' complex systems, such as firewalls or third-party software.

Lack of time and resources

Usually, various tools, scanners, and separate reporting are necessary to cover every aspect of a business environment. As a result, teams often spend hours each month combing through the data and moving it to updated spreadsheets. That means they cannot set aside enough time for remediation.

Arduous progress reporting

Businesses will always demand a proactive defense. Yet, many small and mid-sized companies have a hard time delivering a sufficient security program. Although your IT employees would be interested in following through with vulnerability management, adequate reporting necessitates planning ahead for each set of stakeholders. Moreover, it demands providing arguments for information that could distort outcomes (such as false positives).

Such detailed procedures require a lot of time and skill, which in-house IT teams are often lacking. And even if your team manages to cover most of the liabilities, all the known fixes could still be breached. That's why we offer professional vulnerability management (Atlanta) dedicated to helping your cause.

S5 Logic's vulnerability management as a solution

Historically, server operations and application support groups were responsible for vulnerability management. However, with new technology came the ideas of online data-sharing and cloud computing. As a result, the boundary between on-premises and cloud-based assets began to wane over time.

Today, it is necessary and inevitable to treat vulnerability management as a separate unit instead of just one of your services team's tasks. Due to the rather fluid state of the IT infrastructure landscape and the constantly changing nature of threats and vulnerabilities, most firms have some type of vulnerability management program in place. And even then, only a few of these programs manage to reach maturity.

Partnering with experts like S5 Logic to cover your IT needs and vulnerability management is a wise decision. By doing so, you will get a program specifically designed to suit your needs, including services such as:

  • Tracking and identifying assets (asset inventory building);
  • Grouping assets into categories;
  • Checking for known vulnerabilities in assets;
  • Patch control;
  • Testing patches;
  • Applying patches;
  • Verifying that the vulnerability has been fixed through a follow-up remediation scan.
Atlanta businesses technology solutions
provide solutions that raise the EBITDA.

How S5 Logic reduces exposure to attacks

We are an ideal choice for companies that want to protect their systems better. First, we have a great deal of practical experience handling all types of security risks. Next, we possess vast technical knowledge regarding reducing the danger to your company's IT system and important data. Finally, we offer clients a comprehensive, all-encompassing evaluation of the complete scope of security weaknesses in the current infrastructure.

Our team also invests time in acquiring a thorough understanding of the strategies and tools used by today's cybercriminals and hacktivists. At the same time, we use only proven assessment techniques that serve as a prioritized approach to reducing security risks.

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Services we provide

S5 Logic offers a vulnerability management Atlanta can entirely rely on. If you book a network security evaluation with us, you can take advantage of the following services:

  • Inspecting your wireless networks;
  • Scanning network for vulnerabilities;
  • Complete assessment of the physical and cyber security;
  • Help with creating network administration policy focused on automation and compliance;
  • Securing VPN services;
  • Monitoring and detection of intrusion events.
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The process

The majority of businesses use a reactive strategy, working to eliminate risks as soon as they are identified. However, this "Whack-A-Mole" strategy will only make your security team work overtime and become frustrated. Instead, we propose constant monitoring and prioritizing of the liabilities before and as they arise. In other words, we teach your team to focus first on the vulnerabilities that pose the biggest danger to your organization rather than trying to fix every single one at the same time.

Our strategy aims to reduce wasteful patching and downtime. That entails identifying and prioritizing those weaknesses according to the risk factor and data-driven KPIs connected to your business goals. For this reason, our vulnerability management (Atlanta) framework consists of several steps.


The basis of vulnerability management is current-state analysis. So, in this phase, we identify significant data, owners, and assets, to establish a baseline. We will look at the following:

  • The current level of vulnerability;
  • Pertinent procedures;
  • External factors;
  • Important parties and contacts;
  • Strong areas and parts that need improvement.


Effective threat and vulnerability management rely heavily on the capacity to prioritize your results. Every weak spot found has a remediation cost in terms of both risk and time. Hence, to determine where to focus our efforts first, we take into account factors like threat intelligence, vulnerability type, and asset importance.

Then we move on to solution suggestions, triage of liabilities, and program execution roadmap.


In this stage, we move on to the roadmap and recommendations presented in the previous phase. Our clients are the ones who choose which solution they want us to apply. At this point, we also provide:

  • Professional advice on possible remedies;
  • Guidance through the remediation process;
  • Education for clients;
  • Research on root cause;
  • Reporting on status during program execution.


Validation is the final phase, and it gives you and our team a chance to make sure that the corrective action we took was successful. We also check if the results meet your expectations and recommend future program upgrades.

Benefits of working with S5 Logic

We are experts in the field

Our team has comprehensive knowledge of vulnerability management procedures used in the business world. Furthermore, we are experienced in adversary emulation, network security, application security, and security operations. We continually invest in our skills and ensure our tools are up-to-date.

A decade-long experience

We have the expertise to guarantee success thanks to our team's combined experience of more than ten years. That means you can rely on us to deliver the best vulnerability programs for your company.

Personalized solutions

At S5 Logic, we are passionate about security and committed to producing exceptional outcomes. That's why we focus on finding the best vulnerability management solutions to match your unique needs.

Proven tools and methodologies

We take an adversarial stance, which helps us analyze weaknesses and assets critically. We also use our unique risk scale and include criteria from several security frameworks.

Schedule your vulnerability assessment today

Don't delay; arrange for our team to conduct an impartial, comprehensive, and unbiased security evaluation right away. We provide our clients with succinct, clear, and actionable reports. Each evaluation we offer delivers a detailed view of your network at the value layer.

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