IT services in Atlanta GA that propel record-fast growth

At S5 Logic, we provide small to medium-sized businesses in Atlanta Georgia with fit-to-size IT solutions that drive growth.

IT services in Atlanta GA
IT services in Atlanta GA

Imagine what running a company would feel like if

Your IT environment was secure and 100% compliant all year round
You had real-time access to IT strategy consulting services, tailored for your specific needs
You could get work done at least 40% faster than before
Your IT costs were down by about 30% because you successfully migrated from aged hardware to the cloud
Your systems are monitored round the clock, and the Help Desk actually provides timely help, all the time
All at one simple straight-forward fee, with no upsells or shoe-horning...

That would be awesome, right? You’d have the assurance that everything IT-related is completely taken care of.

Small to medium-sized businesses deserve that level of support services to thrive

The quality of technology services you have access to directly affects how fast and how well your business will grow.

Now, for a lot of businesses out there, linking growth directly to their IT environment may seem far-fetched. They have a managed services company that takes care of IT for them, but they don't actually expect tangible results.

This is because the average IT service provider offers "break-fix" support services at best. He's not thinking about a long-term IT strategy, or how to provide solutions that raise the EBITDA. He's thinking to fix the issue at hand, offer some one-size-fits-all IT strategy, and hope for the best...

We don't think that way.

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provide solutions that raise the EBITDA.
Atlanta businesses technology solutions

Atlanta businesses deserve technology solutions that are custom-designed to drive growth

This is how we think. Everything IT service or solution that we offer businesses, we design with this mindset. Whether it's cybersecurity or cloud services or development services or network services, we're thinking about the now, and the long-term gains and growth.

The technological climate in Atlanta GA has changed remarkably over the past couple of years, some are asking if Atlanta is the new Silicon Valley. Whether or not we’re there already, you'd agree that the SMB space has become a whole lot more competitive than it's ever been.

No matter your industry, you need that extra IT edge, that makes you that much more competitive. Whether you have an IT department of 0 or 10 engineers, there's a level of clarity and confidence that comes from having expert eyes watching out for you, ensuring your compliance, and making sure you're maximizing IT!

At S5 Logic, we make IT the competitive advantage of SMBs in Atlanta Georgia

Our clients know us to be business engineers, we're all about making technology work for you.

This means we pay attention to the tiniest detail, from your processes down to your employees' interaction with technology. With this and working hand-in-hand with you, we custom-create an IT environment that works specifically for you.

A digital transformation journey is not a buzzword, it's the process that the businesses that rely on us for managed services go through. On the other side of that journey is an IT environment that works like a well-oiled machine.

With our deep understanding of automation and custom coding, we can easily digitalize your paper processes. Even if it hasn't been done before, you can trust us to come up with a unique solution, just for you.

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IT services in Atlanta GA

Our state-of-the-art IT services, designed to facilitate growth

Under 4 main umbrellas, we handle practically every aspect of your IT, so that you can focus on the needle-moving tasks.

With our world-class project management team, we're able to cater to multiple needs you may have at once, with equal top-notch prowess.

Security operations

With our technical expertise in cybersecurity, we have developed partnerships and personnel that help you as a business to utilize security better.

Security operations

Cybersecurity awareness training: Building your human firewall

95% of cyber breaches are caused by human errors, according to IBM. With our in-depth and easy-to-understand cybersecurity training, we ensure that your team always knows what threats are out there, what they look like, and how to prevent them.

This way, no matter their interactions with the internet, you can be more confident about the safety of your vital data.

Vulnerability management, to deal with weak links

While putting up your human firewall is a fundamental cybersecurity measure, not everything can be blocked by humans. Software and hardware can be vulnerable, so we do that vulnerability management to serve as an extra layer in your cybersecurity.

We take a look at your hardware and software, analyze what's been exploited out there on similar systems, and proactively mitigate those risks for you.

Policy and procedure development, for a more secure environment

We make sure that our processes are not only premium cybersecurity measures but that they are also readily available and repeatable.

Instead of leaving you without a pointer on how to stay secure and compliant, we develop a cybersecurity playbook, fit for your specific needs as a company. Our goal with this is to make sure that your team is effective, even if we were no longer in the picture.

Threat hunting and review, attack threats head-on

This is our way of going over the top with your cybersecurity, proactively ensuring that you stay safe. We look for threats while you're asleep, strategically and routinely.

We take extra effort to run dark web scans, advanced web filtering, and more to find the threats and mitigate them before they become real threats to your business continuity.

Managed Governance Risk and Control (GRC); stay compliant!

We take the time to fully understand your company's policies and what type of regulations you have, given your industry.

With this understanding, we consistently keep you compliant (PCI, HIPAA, and more) - and we do this at a fixed monthly fee. This way, you get to stay consistently compliant, with no surprise fees from our end.

Business operations

We help you achieve much more productivity than ever with our unique ability to look at your operations and build a system around them that makes them faster and more efficient.

Business operations

Advanced and common process

We help digitalize your common paper processes through a digital transformation journey. Through this process, we enable you to achieve much more in a fraction of the time, by eliminating hick-ups in your routine processes. Also, through unified communications consulting, we smoothen out your inter and intra-communications.

Project management

Our project management offering is laser-focused on your business goals. You present the objectives and the vision, we get it done with technology. Our ability to pay attention to the tiniest detail, and build technology around your goals is our biggest asset to clients.

Contract management

We'd help you with contract and vendor management, helping you get the best deals humanly possible time and again.

Because we are vendor-agnostic, it's easy for us to look beyond ourselves and advise you based on the best choice for your specific needs, rather than try to shoe-horn you into a service that isn't the best fit.

Business continuity

90% of SMBs with delayed disaster recovery shut down the following year. Our data backup and disaster recovery services do not only prevent data loss, but they also ensure that you can stay in business, no matter what.

With our fail-proof, 8-step data backup and disaster recovery process, you can be sure that in the event of a disaster, you can get back up and running within the same working day.

Technology operations

We are fundamentally a technology company, and our goal is to elevate your operations through uniquely tailored technology and strategy consulting services.

Technology operations

Patching an alerting

We keep your systems and software up to date, and free of issues caused by outdated systems. Work becomes a drag without prompt and efficient system and software updates, causing downtime and delay that could have been avoided without affecting productive work.

Managed services

With our managed services, we handle specific recurring tasks for your company, for a fixed monthly fee. It's a pick-your-own-adventure type situation; anything you need consistent help with, from business phone systems to desk support to workplace services, to disaster recovery and business continuity, we have you covered.

Asset management

We give you a bird's eye view of who has what device, when, and where, within your IT environment. This way, you get to truly stay informed and in charge of your information technology systems, while tracking the work efficiencies of your team.

User/Device on and off-boarding

Welcoming and saying goodbye to team members can be a daunting task. With our managed services, you can be sure that you have the technological aspect sorted out. This is because we efficiently train and onboard new teammates into your system, and if anyone is leaving, we ensure that they no longer have access to your IT environment.

Microsoft 365 management

With our expertise in Microsoft 365, we are able to help your team get the most out of the software than most of the businesses that use it. We find that the vast majority of companies do not fully maximize their Microsoft 365, some end up purchasing extra software that provides functionalities already available to them.

Professional services

We carry out project-based (one-off) IT services for our clients. Whether you need a new laptop, network design, or virtualization platform, we can take care of it. Also, with our hardware lifecycle refresh, you decide the frequency of the purchase, and we roll that out to your office - without you lifting a finger.

Staff development

We take it upon ourselves to ensure that your team gets the technology training that they need to stay safe and productive (especially on the cloud). We don't make any assumptions, we plan these out routinely to ensure that they are well equipped with the needed IT know-how.

Staff Augmentation

If a member of your staff has to leave, we help make up for that loss by providing you with an expert on-demand, to take over the position, while you work on staffing up again. Our goal is to ensure that your Atlanta business has all it needs to thrive, no matter what.

Development operations

We're here to help you become that company that has fully automated systems. One where action from a customer triggers an automatic, spot-on response, without a member of your staff getting involved. This takes not just an artificial intelligence portfolio and skillset, but also a deep understanding of your processes.

Development operations

Low Code Apps

We custom-create apps that are fully intuitive and easy for your team to use, making use of your existing Microsoft 365 package. With these apps, work gets done faster, at a fraction of the cost it would have taken to get a custom app built from scratch.


This is basically the science of getting your work apps to talk to each other. This makes it possible for different work apps to collaborate seamlessly with each other, without human intervention.

We have in-house integration specialists, who would take apps that you have and make the way data translates from one app to another much more efficient.

Process Automation

In this age, a whole lot of routine tasks can be easily automated using artificial intelligence, freeing up your team to focus on the needle-moving tasks. We help you automate your paper-driven processes, from the initiation to till the point where a high-level executive needs to take one final look.

We've successfully helped businesses automate their billing processes, data entry and approval processes, etc; saving them thousands of hours (and dollars) easily!

“We're not the average IT services provider. At S5 Logic, we're passionate about serving Atlanta SMBs with IT solutions that make their day-to-day operations much easier, faster, and safer”.

customized IT services

We specialize in technology solutions for legal, finance, and healthcare industries.

Take advantage of our fully customized IT services; give your Atlanta, Geogia business the opportunity to grow with technology!

We're local to you and can show up on-site as soon as you need us.

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