IT Management

As your technology partner, we take full responsibility for your systems, making sure everything is fully secure and running optimally and cost-effectively, at every point in time.

IT Management - IT Support - Managed Services.
IT Management

Managed Services

We have the capacity and expertise to manage every aspect of your IT infrastructure. You can rely on us for everything IT; from the security and efficiency of all your devices and servers, to automating all your processes for greater effectiveness. Rather than racking up billable hours, we do this for a fixed fee.

Realtime analytics
User analytics
Funnel optimization
A/B testing
IT Management

Staff Augmentation

To ensure you're able to maintain security and compliance at all times, we carry out a creative, detailed and intuitive assessment of your staff's IT prowess.

We don't stop there, we let you know where you operations may be inefficient, or worse, at risk of cyberattacks. We go on to plan a tailored IT training specifically for what they need to keep you up and running; or help you get immediate replacement for your IT department.

Automated reports
AI data predictions
Advanced charts
PDF reports
IT Management - IT Support - Staff Augmentation.
IT Management - IT Support - Staff Development.
IT Management

Staff Development

We ensure your staff are a human firewall, rather than a risk to your security and compliance. With our in-depth staff training we ensure they are fully aware of the necessary steps to ensure your company's security, whether or not they are tech savvy.

Allow us equip your staff with the skillset they need to protect your vital data while keeping operations laser sharp.
IT Management

Asset Management

We enable you have full oversight of your IT assets. For every device within your company's network, you have a clear picture of who uses them, what results they are bringing in, how much they cost, if they are a weak-link in your overall security plan, if they need hands on maintenance or are due for a change.

Track all devices within your company's network
Measure the input-to-output ratio per device
Maintain your company's cybersecurity remotely
IT Management - IT Support - Asset Management.IT Management - IT Support - Asset Management.
IT Management - IT Support - User Onboarding.
IT Management

User / Device Onboarding

Growing your team does not have to mean a full day of abandoning your real work, in order to integrate a new employee into the company. We help you handle that as efficiently as possible, getting your new hire the tools and information needed to become a productive member of the team.

No skipped appointments as a result of a new hire
Speed up the process of growing the team
We do it with equal excellence, every single time
IT Management

Microsoft 365

Most corporations use Microsoft 365 (formerly known as Office 365) for business operations. We are specialists and can train your staff to maximize their productivity and your company's security using these tools.

Enterprise-grade anti-virus and anti-malware
Onsite training to reduce human error are suggested
Data management systems ensure that everything is secure internally
20+ integrations for efficiency
Automate your processes
Stay connected to the team
Optimize for consistent productivity
IT Management - IT Support - Microsoft 365.
IT Management - IT Support - Patching.
IT Management

Patching / Alerting

Through regular patching, we ensure that vulnerabilities to your company's IT network are brought to the barest minimum. From computers to servers to software, and even to your cabling system; we combed through your network to fix or update everything necessary to keep you productive, secure and compliant.

Backups on multiple geographic locations
We regularly perform 'backup restore tests'
Includes backups for cloud tools
IT Management

Professional Services

You can rely on S5 Logic to plan and execute one-off IT projects for your company, and deliver at record speed. For instance, if you need a to do a hardware lifecycle refresh (purchase and set up new hardware), or you need a new network design, or a new virtualization platform, or any other stand alone projects, you can trust us to get it done.

Get expert input on high tech projects
Save cost by paying per project rather per hour
Be assured of the security of your company
IT Management - IT Support - Professional Services.

Google Workspace is a collection of cloud computing, productivity and collaboration tools, software and products developed and marketed by Google.

Store, access, and share your files

Integrated online calendars for teams

Secure cloud storage

Collaborative Word processing

Secure video meetings for teams

Secure business email